Just saw Desire for the first time at the Mentor Rocks concert series in Mentor, Ohio and I was amazed by the performance. This venue is a free concert series sponsored by the City of Mentor but I have to say that I would gladly pay to see this band again in the future. It has been so long since I have seen U2 live that it is hard to tell the difference from the real thing. Desire looks, moves, and sounds like the real deal and I would highly recommend them to any U2 fan out there. The vocals and music are amazing and the crowd interaction was great too ! I will not pass up a chance to see this band again if the opportunity arises.


Kirtland, Ohio

Just saw them last night at Taste of the Kingsway and they were amazing! The music, the singing and the performance were exceptional. They really connected with the crowd just like U2 would do.



We just saw Desire for the first time in Kingston last weekend and we had such a fantastic time. U2 has been my favourite band since I was 15 and bought my first CD player, and Achtung Baby was the first CD in my collection. I was fortunate to see them live in 2001 for the Elevation Tour and it’s a night I will never forget. But let’s face it, it’s harder and harder for the average fan to have an opportunity to see them perform live. So I was thrilled at a chance to hear the music done live by Desire, and done so well! You’ve got a couple of new fans now, we will be watching your tour schedule and hope to catch you again soon!


Belleville, Ontario

My wife is a HUGE U2 fan, so I took her and some friends of ours to Miami Valley Gaming to watch your show! She was hesitant, of course, as this is a band she has adored for her entire life. Well, she is already talking about coming back when you play MVG again next year! It was an experience that all of us enjoyed, even those of us who have been ‘forced’ to be U2 fans by being married to a fanatic for 30 years! Awesome show, excellent musicianship, funny at times, and exactly what my wife needed for her birthday week celebration! Thanks so much and we look forward to next year…or maybe we’ll see if you play anywhere near here before then!


Dayton Ohio

Dear Dave and Desire International U2 Tribute Band,
I am pleased to write this recommendation to you and your band for making a
milestone Birthday Party a huge success! It was a “BEAUTIFUL DAY” and my guest of
honour, FAN590 Sportsnet #1 broadcaster Bob McCown’s wife, couldn’t be happier
with the band’s show! This is the biggest testament to the band and show. Simply
put it was “MAGNIFICENT”!
The band’s talent was evident in the performance and the ability to connect with the
group exceeded expectations, I’ve received numerous compliments from the guests
since that evening “ALL BECAUSE OF YOU”.
I would offer my recommendation of Desire international U2 Tribute Band without
reservation. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not
hesitate to contact me


Event Coordinator, Toronto

Show at Miami Valley Gaming on Saturday 8/18/18 was awesome. Not typically a big tribute band fan, but you guys killed it. Vocals and music were spot on. Not to mention the interaction with the audience. I’ll definitely see you again. By the way I’ve been a U2 fan since the beginning saw them as the opening act for J Geils back in the day. Much Love!!!!


Lebanon, Ohio

Great show at the Aurora Ribfest on the weekend. I’m always impressed when a band can engage the audience in broad daylight at a ribfest of all things – and you guys did just that.
Sound was awesome, band was awesome…I’ve seen U2 half a dozen times, and while you weren’t “even better than the real thing” (cuz no one is!), you really caught the spirit and put on a great show. I’m looking forward to seeing your full show somewhere in the GTA this winter… thanks again!



Saw you guys at the Stage West Theatre shows in Calgary. Absolutely blew my mind and expectations out of the water! Feel free to come back to Alberta anytime! I’ve been spreading the word!

Chris De Jong

Calgary, Alberta

On Saturday, June 8th 2015 our headlining performers were Desire-International U2 Tribute. As a musician and production person, I can be awfully picky about what I consider a quality show. I want to take this opportunity to say that we had a lot of great music at this year’s Ribs and Brews, but Desire delivered the best performance we have ever had. Desire brings to the stage a unique combination of showmanship and style that is rooted in a detailed and concrete grasp of the musical intricacies behind U2. Desire is the total package. They have built a show upon a bedrock of musicianship and appreciation for a band that has global appeal and have shaped it into a performance that is as close to the real thing without being a fake knock off – that is an astounding achievement and I sat at the side of the stage in awe. One of the perks of being stage manager is that I can literally sit on the stage behind and amp and see that Larry, Clayton, The Edge and Bono are there in front of me. I have not seen a tribute band do that until now.

Finally, I want to point out that I would not have written this positive review if these musicians were not a pleasure to deal with. They are consummate professionals. So if you are a producer or event planner, you need not worry; they will be on time, ready, and they will perform their asses off.

If you want to know more please email me at acquiese@gmail.com or call me 289-688-1405 and I would be glad to answer any questions about my positive Desire experience


Jesse Parsons
Professor at Durham College
Ribs and Brews MC and Stage Manager

Jesse Parsons

Ribfest event coordinator, Bowmanville

Desire is an incredible band, they will exceed all of your expectations, will leave the audience wanting more and will be a pleasure to work with from booking the show to the end of their performance. There is no question whether you should book this show – it is a must have and a must see. We cannot wait to have them back.

Shelley Ware

Event coordinator, Aurora

Hey guys, I have to say that we made it out to Niagara Wine Festival last night from Toronto. We were all so impressed by how well you perform and capture U2. Performing to a crowd of 10000 must have been a huge rush! We loved your show and will definitely catch another one soon! Thanks for making our night fun!



As the entertainment organizer for the Mississauga Waterfront Festival.I knew I had to bring something special to the stage, that would make people feel like they were attending a real live concert.
When I saw these guys perform a year ago – I knew they were it! From the look, to the inflections, down to the music – it was like I was watching the real “U2” band.
If I can describe “Desire” in one word it would be “Spectacular!” These guys were professional from beginning to end.
As I looked into the crowd on Saturday night from back stage I saw people smiling and singing along! They truly were reliving a special time in their life.
Don’t stop doing what you’re doing – you make a lot of people happy!
Continued success!


Festival event coordinator, Mississauga